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Sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy has become the most common weight loss surgical procedure performed in the US, and is quickly becoming the most common procedure across the world. This operation reduces the stomach by about 75%. The stomach is divided vertically from top to bottom and while it will make the stomach smaller, it will not change its normal function. The patient will not experience any of the same side effects as bypass patients because normal digestion will not be affected. However, the patient will still need to follow after-surgery guidelines to ensure they maintain their diet and nutrition plans, which will reduce the risk of any problems. How Does the Sleeve Work: The simple nature of this procedure has made it the ideal surgery for weight loss. In it's simplicity the surgery has excellent ability to control an individuals weight by controlling hunger. At the center of any successful weight loss operation we need control of hunger. This surgery works through at least two main mechanisms that promote satiety. First mechanism is though decreasing the volume of food that is needed to fill the stomach. This results from stretching the walls of the stomach and sending a signal to the brain that an individual is full. The second but more impressive control occurs in the neuro-endocrine pathway that controls the appetite. This pathway is controlled by multiple hormones and the vagus nerve, the interaction of this system with the brain allows for hunger control. Immediately after surgery there is a dramatic change in this system interaction. The change is most likely a result of removal of the Ghrelin producing cells of the stomach and changes at the in the neuronal stimulation of the stomach. Ghrelin and Leptin work together to influence the degree of satiety on the hormonal level, and they also influence the insulin pathway that mitigates Diabetes. Our Approach: At Healthy Life Bariatrics we believe that obesity is a medical condition that requires effective treatment options. Among the most effective and safe treatment options is bariatric surgery. The Sleeve gastrectomy also know as Vertical Sleeve, is an option that has now demonstrated consistent, excellent results with a safety profile that is as good if not better than most routine operations that are performed for most medial conditions such as heart disease, and joint disease. Surgery has the added benefit to provide not only appetite control but also to improve or resolve some of the most difficult medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea. Multiple studies have demonstrated a cost saving for both the patient and the society by decreasing the cost of medical care and improving the ability of an individual to become more functional member of the society. These findings have resulted in bariatric surgery coverage by most insurances and employers.

Meet Dr Babak Moein

It is truly a pleasure to welcome you to my practice. In my office, we take exceptional steps to provide you with the highest quality of care in a warm and comforting environment. We recognize obesity as a medical condition that requires sensitivity, understanding, and an appreciation of the complex nature of it's treatment. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of bariatric surgery and treat each individual like a family member. Combining heart and compassion with exceptional medical care is our motto. This website is designed to promote the Sleeve gastrectomy procedure only, to learn more about bariatric surgery and procedures please visit our website:



I first started the bariatric surgery process in September 2012 with an information seminar and from the beginning I loved his message: obesity is a disease with ailments being things that encompass obesity- we must treat the obesity to treat disease. I'm so thankful for this lesson in life and I truly do see the big picture now! 

After my initial consult in October 2012, I didn't coordinate much with Dr. Moeinolmolki, as I was attending my monthly nutritionist visits. However, for my final consult in May 2013, and surgery on 28 May 2013, he remained professional, courteous, and absolutely amazing. He took care of my needs and questions regarding surgery. 

Dr. Moeinolmolki has been a pleasure to work with during this entire process! I'm so glad I picked him to perform my operation, and I am sad that he will be leaving! 

Sarah W.

Dr "Mo" is wonderful!! Thoughtful and intellegent, he is a fantastic doctor and surgeon. Comprehensive pre-op and post-op appointments and he brings in all disciplines for your best care. I recommend him highly and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Office staff friendly and knowledgible.



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